National Engineering Research Center for Biomaterials (NERCB)

National Engineering Research Center for Biomaterials (NERCB) is the first opening national institute for biomaterials research and development approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2000. Based on Sichuan University, NERCB is an independent legal entity involving different activities in biomaterial science and engineering including education, research, development, engineering, manufacturing, and business etc. NERCB operates in accordance with both the principles of market economy and the characteristics of research activities. NERCB is also the founding member of the Chinese Society for Biomaterials, and an international corporation and exchange base approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is a supporting unit for Sichuan University to carry out National programs and projects such as development of the National First-Class Discipline “Biomedical Engineering”, and National “Project 985” and “Project 211”. Sichuan Guojia Biomaterials Technology Co. Ltd., which was founded by NERCB, is a carrier to deal with the activities of the research, development and business of the NERCB. As a joint venture with NERCB, Chengdu Puchuan Biomaterials Co. Ltd. is one of the commercialization bases for NERCB’s research achievements.


NERCB aims at the fundamental research and engineering development of biomedical materials and implant devices for tissue regeneration and functional reconstruction, based on the international frontiers of biomedical materials research and the major need for national health and social development. The key research areas of NERCB include biomaterials and medical devices for regenerative medicines, surface/interface and surface modification of biomaterials, drug/gene carriers and controlled delivery systems, functional nano-biomaterials and technologies, biomechanics, testing and evaluation of biomaterials. Affiliated with the discipline of Biomedical Engineering of Sichuan University, NERCB provides advanced education for master and doctoral graduate student and post-doctoral researchers. It also accumulates and exchanges information on biomaterials science, engineering and industry. NERCB has the first-rate research facilities and capabilities for biomaterials engineering research in China, with eight clinical study centers and one dental implant hospital distributed all around China, serving as an important base for the basic and applied research and education and incubator for engineering technologies achievements of biomaterial in China. NERCB possesses interdisciplinary and cross-frontier faculty members for innovative research, leaded by the academician Zhang Xingdong and the chief scientist of “Program 973” Gu Zhongwei.


Under the support of national 973, 863, key technology research and support programs, natural science foundation (including the major and key programs), international science and technology cooperation projects, NERCB has made a series of innovative achievements. It has carried out intensive international exchange and collaboration, signing formal agreements with esteemed universities and research institutes from more than ten countries including Britain, Japan, USA, Australia, Netherland, Korea, and Germany. NERCB has also sponsored a series of domestic and international meetings of biomaterials and become an important exchange base for international collaboration on biomaterials research.