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Regenerative Biomaterials

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Aim & Scope

Regenerative Biomaterials (RB), the official journal of Chinese Society for Biomaterials, is launched in the partnership with Oxford University Press. The new journal aims to provide an international platform for researchers to share new ideas and research results in the field of biomaterials, especially the biomaterials in regenerative medicine. It is an open access online journal, which is peer-reviewed and international, with the broad scope from the fundamental science of biomaterials to their potential clinical applications. The journal will publish both high quality reviews and original research articles. The first issue of Regenerative Biomaterials was published in November 2014. For more information please visit: https://academic.oup.com/rb.

The scope of Regenerative Biomaterials includes, but not limited to:

? Design, synthesis, and evaluation of biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

? Nanotechnologies and novel processing for preparing biomimetic scaffolds

? Interaction of biomaterial with cells, especially with stem cells

? Regenerative mechanisms of tissue by using biomaterials and/or stem cells

? Drug/gene delivery materials and methods

? Clinical applications of regenerative biomaterials

? Scientific bases of evaluation and quality control of biomedical materials

? Surface modification of biomaterials

? Safety assessment of biomedical materials

? Stem cells fate controlled by materials signals

? Improvement of implanted medical devices

? Biomechanics of biomaterials and devices

? Regenerative engineering

Editorial Board


Xingdong Zhang                      Sichuan University

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Fu-Zhai Cui                                 Tsinghua University

Associate Editors

Luigi Ambrosio                         National Research Council of Italy

Kazuhiko Ishihara                    University of Tokyo

Cato Laurencin                       University of Connecticut

Board Members

Hua Ai                                          Sichuan University

James Anderson                      Case Western Reserve University

Mario Barbosa                          University of Porto

Serena Best                                University of Cambridge

Clemens A. van Blitterswijk    University of Twente

William Bonfield                        University of Cambridge

Yilin Cao                                     Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Jiang Chang                             Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS

Kerong Dai                                Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Meng Deng                               Purdue University

Jiandong Ding                         Fudan University

Xiaobing Fu                               PLA General Hospital

Changyou Gao                       Zhejiang University

May Griffith                                Linkoping University

Lynn Huang                               National Cheng Kung University

Nan Huang                                Southwest Jiaotong University

Kunio Ishikawa                          Kyushu University

John Jansen                              Radboud University Medical Center

James Kirkpatrick                    University of Mainz

Joachim Kohn                          Rutgers University

Ick Chan Kwon                         Korea Institute of Science and Technology

In-Seop Lee                               Yonsei University

Helen Lu                                     Columbia University

Keith McLean                           CSIRO

Teruo Okano                             Tokyo Womens Medical University

Nicholas Peppas                     University of Texas at Austin

Seeram Ramakrishna             Singapore National University

Buddy Ratner                            University of Washington

Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi                  Osaka University

Chandra Sharma                   Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute

Shouheng Sun                          Brown University

Husan Uludag                          University of Alberta

Yingjun Wang                           South China University of Technology

Jerome Werkmeister              CSIRO

William Weijia Lu                      The University of Hong Kong

Ke Yang                                      Institute of Metal Research, CAS

Jinghua Yin                                Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS

Xianzheng Zhang                    Wuhan University

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