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Acta Biomaterialia

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European Society for Biomaterials Society of cooperation in the magazine. The magazine is published in a broad field of biomaterials science original research report, Summary of international journals and newsletters, which focuses on the relationship of the various research specifications biological materials structure - nature - features. The magazine's chief editor by Professor William Wagner, published by Elsevier Publishing.

The magazine covers the theoretical design of biological material, contact surface science of biological material structure and biocompatibility (including protein adsorption and cell interactions); mechanical properties of biological materials and model; molecules to study biological material behavior, statistics and other various model studies; specific surface species interactions; biological materials developed integrated manner; biological material characterization methods, processing methods to the specific purpose of biological materials.

欧洲生物材料学会是该杂志的合作学会。该杂志是刊载广义上生物材料科学领域的各种原创性研究报告、综述和通讯稿的国际期刊,其重点是各种研究规格生物材料结构-性质-功能的相互关系。该杂志由William Wagner教授担任主编,由Elsevier出版社出版发行。



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