Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (JMSMM)

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he magazine is the official journal of the European Society for Biomaterials, initiated by Professor William Bonfield, Member of the Royal Society, founded by Professor Serena Best and Prof. Joseph Planell chief editor, served as associate editor by Professor A. Ignatius and Prof. M. Santin, published by SpringerSociety published. Each year at the annual meeting of the European Society for Biomaterials thesis of the report will be issued as a special issue of the monthly magazine.

The magazine covers the biological material and its medical and dental implants, repair prosthesis and instruments related to science and technology; covering a variety of areas from basic theory to clinical applications, including in orthopedic, maxillofacial Branch , cardiovascular, neurology, ophthalmology and dental applications using a variety of metal, ceramic, polymer and composite materials.

该杂志是欧洲生物材料学会的官方杂志,由英国皇家学会会员William Bonfield教授发起创刊,由Serena Best教授和Joseph Planell教授担任主编,由A. Ignatius教授和M. Santin教授担任副主编,由Springer出版社出版发行。每年在欧洲生物材料学会年会上做报告的论文都会作为该月刊杂志的专刊发行。



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