Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A (JBMR)

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The magazine by the American Society for Biomaterials (Society For Biomaterials), Japan Biological Materials Society (Japanese Society for Biomaterials), the official journal of the Australian Society for Biomaterials (Australia Society for Biomaterials) and the Korean Society for Biomaterials (Korean Society for Biomaterials)published by Wiley, editor James M. Anderson.

The magazine cover comprehensive multidisciplinary international journal covering the preparation, characterization and evaluation of biological materials original research; chemical, physical, toxicological and mechanical behavior of the material in the physiological environment; blood, tissue and biological materials interactions. The magazine published papers related to the biological material, including the re-processing of the alloys, polymers, ceramics, and animal and human tissue, dental, artificial organs and other bio-medical devices, and other scientific and technical articles. Can also published a number of interdisciplinary papers, articles such as tissue engineering and controlled release technology.

See the journal homepage: (ISSN) 1552-4965

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