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The magazine is a journal covering all scientific and clinical application of biological material, whose purpose is published in a variety of important problems encountered in the use of biological materials in clinical applications of the scholars in the field of writing original papers and authoritative review and opinion articles. Magazine published include support biological materials design multiple disciplines, such as physics, biology, and chemical sciences and biological materials used in various clinical disciplines. These disciplines include polymer synthesis and characterization, drug and gene carrier design, host response to biological principles, immunology and toxicology, as well as the self-assembly of nano-scale effect. Clinical applications include use in all clinical disciplines of medical technology and regenerative medicine technology, as well as the corresponding diagnostic system. At the same time, the magazine with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, implantable medical devices, drug delivery systems, gene vectors, bionanotechnology, and tissue engineering field correlation.

The magazine reached in the past five years, the impact factor 8.415, one of the professional journal impact factor highest biological materials subjects, published by Elsevier, editor David Williams.


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